Case Studies

Telling it like it is

lyttleton port company

Over 5 years ago, Lyttelton Port Company Ltd chose Oil Distributors as its preferred lubricant supplier and Morris Lubricants as the preferred brand of lubricants for its entire vehicle fleet and for Port equipment including its marine vessels and equipment.

During this time, all our staff dealing with Oil Distributors have developed an excellent rapport with their staff and management and in general we have high praise for the way that they conduct business and service our requirements.

Morris Lubricants have also proven to be equally impressive and have met or, in some cases, exceeded our performance requirements and expectations.

Orders and enquiries have always been processed and delivered in a prompt and efficient manner and on a very professional basis.

In general, Oil Distributors are very easy to deal with, they have always been able to meet our requirements with regards to supply, product offering, delivery, technical support, communications and administration.

Over all, Oil Distributors and Morris Lubricants meet all our requirements as our preferred lubricants supplier for our entire Port operations and I would happily recommend them to any prospective customers considering using them.

Ray Welten
Purchasing Manager
Lyttelton Port Company Ltd


Paul Williams Motors 

I race a factory, USA-built, Trans Am Camaro and use only Morris Lubricants. I have found that the 10/50 competition oil the very best I have used. Using other brands of lubricant I needed to freshen the engines bearings half way through the race season because of the rate of wear in the engine.

After changing to Morris Lubricants I found that my engine wear was so reduced, I did not need to freshen the engine during the season. This is a big saving in cost and reliably of my engine.

I have had the oil analysed after several meetings and got good results in its quality. I also race a NASCAR Truck powered by a Chev SB2 race engine and have had the same results.                                                                     

After stripping engines down I have found that the oil has stuck to the vital places it needs to and does not just run off these parts but seems to cling like a slippery film. I cannot put into words how good I know this brand of lubricants is.   

Thank you Morris Lubricants.

Paul Williams
Business Owner and Operator

Anderson Logging

Our logging equipment uses Morris Lubricants: oil, grease and quite a bit of chain oil. When you’ve got a big investment in machines like harvesters it’s important to use the best.

I’ve had machinery dealers tell me I have to use their oils but once they check out the Morris Lubricant specs, they’re quite happy – often it out-specs the dealer’s own. And, with some, it’s a quarter of the price.

Lately, I had a dealer that was wanting to supply their oil when they did a service – they even went back to their supplier and re-negotiated the price, but it was still $2 dearer than Morris per litre.

I’ve had good service from Oil Distributors. There are lots of others around, but they seem to be very good.

Doug Anderson
Anderson Logging